My Heart I Give

Lord I Give You My Heart


My Heart I Give

I am so excited about my first book of poems. “My Heart I Give.”
This book is dedicated to my wonderful sweet Mom Barbara Rose. She has since past this past July.
My Mom was the most Christian Woman and Mother. She taught me all about to love thy neighbor as yourself. It didn’t matter what they look like or how they think. She was the true example of what Jesus taught.
She encouraged me to do what I wanted in life as long as it was the right thing to do. She always told me Jesus is watching. When she knew I was writing she told me not to quit but to keep writing; never give up.
A lot of these poems are about her and my Lord Jesus.
ALL of my profit from this book will be dedicated to the Lord. This is my ministry of Him and the work He has done in me
Although my mom was in a lot of pain the past years before she died, she always had a smile for everyone and an encouraging word for all. Everyone became part of the family,
people I did not know. I was so proud of have her as my mom.

For you my SWEET MOM

My Mom

Dear Mom
I am so weak

I have no strength
Wrong decisions I do make
But you loved me anyway.

You taught me to do the right thing
Even when no one was looking
But you said Jesus knew.

All the tears of my life
Mom you would dry
And you loved me anyway.

You told me God Is Good
All the time, God is great.

You said, I am so loved by our glorious God
And as we have glazed at HIS beauty

And HIS promises;
I thank my Lord God

That I had you for a little while
And so precious were you.

You told me to keep my eyes on our Almighty God
And I saw the beauty of HIM.

Over the hill and over the dale there we will be
Together you and me.

One day together we shall stay.

©Copyright 2011-2012 by POET DEBORAH BROOKS-LANGFORD
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My Heart I give
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Comments (from HubPages)

Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image
Ian Dabasori Hetr Level 4 Commenter 2 days ago
Waiting to buy your poem book..

stars439 profile image
stars439 Level 7 Commenter 2 days ago
Congratulations dear heart. Your work is beautiful. God Bless You.

epigramman profile image
epigramman Level 8 Commenter 2 days ago
...well as you know my mum was my best friend - so I can sincerely relate you how you feel - and here I am just sending you warm wishes and a heartfelt congratulations on your new book with a royal posting and promotion of it on my Facebook page with a direct link back here
lake erie time ontario canada 3:23pm

Eiddwen profile image
Eiddwen Level 8 Commenter 2 days ago
What a beautiful,tender and warm hub.
You, I think are your mother's daughter and she must be so proud of you now.
I look forward to reading your book and to cherish.
Take care my dear friend and I am so glad I came across you on here.

Susan Joyner-Stumpf 2 days ago
I wish you great success. Beautiful dedication/tribute to your beloved mother.

carolinemd21 profile image
carolinemd21 Level 5 Commenter 2 days ago
Congrats Debbie! I'll be sure to get your book. You have such beautiful poetry.

Gina 2 days ago
A beautiful book written by a beautiful person,my sweet friend Deborah.

always exploring profile image
always exploring Level 8 Commenter 2 days ago
Beautiful Debbie..How proud you must be..A beautiful Mother and a book of poetry..Thank you for sharing your faith..

tobusiness profile image
tobusiness Level 3 Commenter 2 days ago
Congratulation Deborah, well done, I'm just about to place my order from Amazon, already checked it out.

mydubaistay profile image
mydubaistay Level 1 Commenter 3 days ago
All the best for your book!

Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image
Ian Dabasori Hetr Level 4 Commenter 3 days ago
You are simply generosity touches all you come to know you. I am one of them.
This is a wonderful poem that reflects the person you are deep inside.
Great hub and its a vote up from me.

Crystar profile image
Crystar Level 1 Commenter 3 days ago
Congratulations on your book of poems. I really like the poem dedicated to your mom. Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Pollyannalana profile image
Pollyannalana Level 7 Commenter 3 days ago
Beautiful and my mother is how I first started in poetry and was about her. Congratulations on your book, I know how very proud you must feel.

Gypsy Rose Lee profile image
Gypsy Rose Lee Level 7 Commenter 3 days ago
Congrats on your book of poems. Truly wonderful and inspirational. Voted up and beautiful.I miss my mom too. I dedicated a hub to her on what would have been her 100th birthday - To Mom My Queen. As much as time passes quickly we never will forget and we will always miss our moms. I'm sure yours is still by your side and will guide you along with her new wisdom from above.

Movie Master profile image
Movie Master Level 8 Commenter 3 days ago
Congratulations Deborah on your book of poems, your mum would be so very proud of you.
This is such a wonderful hub and your poem so very, very beautiful.
Thank you and voted up.

picklesandrufus profile image
picklesandrufus Level 4 Commenter 3 days ago
I know this is a proud time for you! Congratulations for a job well done!!

Frank Atanacio profile image
Frank Atanacio Level 7 Commenter 3 days ago
congrats Ill be sure and buy a copy of your book of poems :)

Alma Cabase profile image
Alma Cabase Level 3 Commenter 4 days ago
What a sweet poem. I really love it especially since it's dedicated to your mom. We are somehow at the same boat here. My mom was always there at both good and bad times.

Capedium profile image
Capedium 4 days ago
You my best Hubber..
You are amazing.. You just so so amazing.. I love love love love love this Hub.. And the poem.. It was like Jesus speaking to me.. Your mum must have being an Angel.. Your mum is angel.. And her words, is like the comfort the Bible will always provide.. You must really miss her.. I do not know her, but she is the kind of mum I believe every one dreams of. Is that your book... You are a terrific, inspiring and magnificent writer.

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