Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Just picture it a beautiful woman in a beautiful garden.
She loved every bit of it. The flowers and trees and her new found man.
And the visits from THE FATHER, He would come and walk with her and tell her she was special. He made her for the man. He made her with long hair and long legs and she had to admit she was so happy.
Her and her man would sit and eat the fruit. It tasted so good. And then they would kiss and have fun.
She could be lazy or just go swimming. She was having the time of her life. Her laughter could be heard for all to hear. But who else was there to hear? She had no earthly idea.
There was a tree in the middle of the garden that looked so good. The Father told them ‘do not eat from the tree with the apples. Or you will surely die.’ Wow, she thought it sure looked good but after the father spoke, she got real scared, Father’s voice was so deep when He spoke about the tree and its fruit it was a scary sound. Oh well, there is a lot of other trees to eat from.
She played a lot with the animals. She would sit on the back of the lion and tigers and ride them. They would lick her and make nice noises that her man called purring. She wished she could have named these Lions and tigers. Her man gets to do everything. She is so jealous. But playing with them is out of this world. They even slept with her when her man was off doing other things.
She was sitting under one of the trees. She thinks her man called them plums. They sure were good. She was eating so much that her stomach was kind of hurting. She looked up and saw the beautiful serpent she thought that is what her man called him. He sure was beautiful so many different colors. How awesome is that? He looked like he wanted to talk to her.
“Hey beautiful woman that Father made. How are you?”
“Are you talking to me?” She was surprised he would take the time. He always walked around like he owned the garden.
“Yes,” he laughed at her. A weird laugh she hadn’t heard before. She heard rumors from the other animals that He used to live in heaven with the Father. She thinks that The Father and the Serpent had an argument. She wondered what an argument really was, and she wondered why the serpent would come down here among lowly beings.
“Hey there woman are you hungry?” The serpent looked really weird he had a funny look on his face.
“I just ate all these plums my stomach is kind of hurting.”  She answered.
“Oh it will make you feel better if you eat it.”
“What is it?”
“The tree in the middle of the garden, the apple.”
“What? Oh no the Father said no. We cannot eat of that tree.”
“Oh He didn’t really mean it.”
“He told us that if we ate it we would surely die.” She didn’t really like where this was going. She wished her man would be there to tell her what to do. Or better she wished the Father would come and talk to her.
The serpent laughed again. “He knows you will be smart and live if you ate it. He doesn’t want you smarter than He is.”
“Smart? You mean I am not smart?”
“Not like the Father. He doesn’t want anyone as smart as He is.”
“Well why should I eat it then?”
The serpent looked at her like he was getting tired of her lameness.
“Good grief. Come on take a bite. What is it going to hurt?  Just one bite of the apple, it won’t hurt you. Father knows that and He won’t really care.”
“Well just one bite I guess it will be all right.”
The serpent got up and took her hand. She was real nervous. But she didn’t see anyone. So her man and Father will never know.
She followed the Serpent over to the tree in the middle of the garden. He gave her an apple. Wow if sure looked good.
She looked at it and felt it. It was almost round and red and then she saw some greens ones. Mmmmm. It did look good.
She put it up to her lips and looked at the Serpent. He was smiling at her. “Go on, you will love it.”
“Well okay.” She took the first bite it was so sweet and good. She loved it.
When she heard her name.
“Eve!” She looked up and saw her man Adam. “What are you doing? Didn’t Father say not to eat that?”
“Oh we won’t tell him, here it is, and it’s so good. Try it.” Eve handed the apple to Adam.
Adam took the apple and the serpent smiled again and Adam thought well if my woman can eat some why can’t I? He took a bite and the serpent laughed and walked away.
What did they do?  Then they heard the Father Come walking and they grabbed hands and ran and hid. They looked down and saw they were naked. They weren’t sure what that meant and it felt strange.
GENESIS 3: 1-13
Then the Lord God said “What is it you have done?” verse 13
“What happened” said the Lord God, “Did you eat from the tree that I warned you to leave alone?”
“Yes, but it was the woman’s idea.” Adam said.
“It wasn’t really my fault” Said Eve. “That sneaky serpent tricked me.”

Adam blamed Eve. Eve blamed the serpent. It was the first game of pass the buck in human history.
We still do it, work, family even at games.
We pass the buck.



  1. A wonderful short story and personal commentary by Debbie on the first couple and the continuing temptation of human beings to blame someone else.
    Great job Debbie. I checked interesting and cool.

  2. Oh Deb, you have such the flair as a story teller, but with hidden truths sprinkled throughout this delightful piece of work. I really enjoyed your version and never thought of the blame that was cast, surely it must have been. After all, they were human. Loved it. Great writing, Deb. You only get better and better. keep up the great work and grace and bless us continuously with your gifted words.