Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Look for The amazing New Author ....

Author H. Bennett Hubbard and his new book

Ben, how long have you been writing?

Debbie, I have been writing 30 years, It took first five years to develop the voice I have now.
I had explored  with a lot of rhyming and decided it was not for me.
I do use rhymes for satire.

Ben, are your excited about your first new book? And tell me about this book?

Debbie, I am so excited about my new book, the title "Tales From Dystopia",  dystopia is a word you don't hear a lot of.. it is really the opposite of's basically poems and prose's that express my vision of a dystopian future. It covers aspects of a dystopian vision of our personal lives. Our work lives and family and even our sex lives. How it relates to neighbors we no longer know, and in general our alienation from ourselves.

Ben, what started you writing?

Debbie, I started writing in my mid twenties. I met a woman other than my wife that I was very much attracted to and I wanted to have an affair with her. I was torn, between my attraction for this other woman and my love and my devotion to my wife. I turned to poetry to help me resolve that conflict. I decided after writing many poems about this, and that I could not have an affair with this woman..
I learned from that process that poetry and writing creatively was a powerful tool for resolving internal conflict. I started looking around in my life in general I found other conflicts that I could use poetry to help me resolve. This blossom out into an understanding in expressing conflict even though I couldn't resolve them. The more I wrote and the more I thought I realized that life is full of conflict and that poetry in writing creatively touches all aspects of life.  Because life involves conflict. 

Debbie, my wife Barbara has believed in me from day one. She supported me and believed me from the beginning and that goes back 39 years. There is no way, as a poet, humble as I am, without her support, and her belief in me be where I am today.  

You can find Author H. Bennett Hubbard Facebook and Lulu.Com, Kindle Fire and his fan page on Facebook.

Thank you Ben, for that great interview.. 

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