Saturday, December 10, 2011

7000 miles away from home

Graphic by Sonnetwolf Designz Susan Joyner-Stumpf
He is 7000 miles away from home
He wants his wife

He wants the bright lights
He wants his love

He wants to belong.
He remembers the little angels
And the eggnog with cinnamon;

Dear Lord I pray hear his request
He wants his wife and his life
But he is 7000 miles away from home.

Dear Lord, please send him home this day
To kiss her lips once more.

He wants to spend Christmas with his angel
Just one more time he pleads.

With bullets flying and
Love so far away
The air is tight with fright
The days are long this night.

But Dear Lord He needs and
He wants to spend Christmas with his wife.
 But he is 7000 miles away from home.

The love he knows
The love he remembers
The longing for her
This Christmas time
But he is 7000 miles away from home.

Please listen all who hear
He wants his wife this Christmas dear…
He is in the desert
So far away,

From home this day;
He is 7000 miles away from home.

Its Christmas time and he wants his wife.
But he is 7000 miles away from his life.


© 2011 Deborah Brooks-Langford

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  1. It must be so hard to be apart at this time of year.

    See the you-tube video of The Military Wives. It would go well with this post.

  2. Deb you were inspired by the video. I wish/hope the Marine will become aware of the poem that he so inspired, which speaks to all our Troops no matter where they are scattered but who all share a common sadness over being separated from loved ones especially during holidays. How lonely to be 7000 miles from home. Reminds me of a sad song out of my past called 100 miles. Just replace it with 7000

  3. thank you all.. I pray for this Marine and all in the military... that is far from home from their loved ones.

  4. Sweet & sad at the same time,very well written. (Comment by Gina B)

  5. This is a very wonderful, beautiful and emotional poem. The video which inspired the poem is excellent as well as the graphics by Susan Joyner-Stumpf. Both compliment this terrific and touching work by Deborah. Deborah Brooks-Langford continues to rapidly excel as a real life natural poet. Is it too early to say "Brooks-Langford" another great American poet? It's starting to look allot that way.

  6. I loved it Debbie. It is a very inspirational poem for those who are over there Debbie. Very beautiful

  7. This is beautiful Deborah, so heartfelt and sincere.
    Beautiful indeed.

  8. Thank you Eddy for visiting my blog and commenting.. god Bless you.