Friday, December 16, 2011

Burning Love Part 2

Debi woke up scared.

A Sequel to Burning Love
Debi woke up scared. She had had a dream she had been talking to her mom and she realized sitting in the same chair that Nick was back. He was asleep.
Then she remembered the dream that she had been having and it scared her and left her with her heart beating so hard that she could not get her breath. In fact it wasn’t just a dream it was one of her nightmares.
First she was talking to Mom; in the theatre of her mind she could see a cathedral like space beautiful beyond words. It was so bright and full of flowers and grass that was so different and all though Debi knew there were flowers and grass she knew what she was seeing was extremely different too.
Her mom was telling her she had to go back, she was so insistent about it and that she was in real danger, when it got real dark. All of a sudden the fear came over her. Debi could fear the fear start from her top of her head to her toes. She was shaking and she knew she had to run. Ugly Face was coming after her and she knew he would kill her this time.
She started running through trees and broken branches that was cutting her legs and arms. It was so dark. She couldn’t see anything but she knew she had to keep moving. Plus she knew she was bleeding, she could feel stuff oozing down her legs and face. And before she knew what was happening he was on her and pushing her down he had her by the throat and was choking her as he was laughing. And she was screaming….
When she woke up with a start and saw Nick again. She knew something bad was going to happen. She was really scared now.
Nick jumped up. “Debi, what is wrong you were screaming.”
“Oh Nick, what are you doing here? I thought you went home to rest?”
“Well I was but I got half way home and I just couldn’t do it. I got so worried about you. I am so worried that something will happen and I would not see you again.” He reached for her hand and held it like it was glass.
“Oh sweetheart, I am so sorry I put you through this. I started having my nightmare again I dreamed he was killing me for real this time.”
“What are you talking about; you were having a nightmare, someone trying to kill you?”
She took a big breath. Debi hadn’t talked about this in years. She tried not to think about it.
“Oh I haven’t told you have I? It happened back in 1972 when Vance and I went to Montego, Jamaica for a short vacation. We were big partiers back then. Vance taught me how to drink plus it helped me with the pain of losing three babies. I didn’t think anything about God back then I never asked him to help me. I just relied on alcohol.”

The nightmares get so bad

“We got to the Island and Vance went to the local bar and I went to the beach. I played volleyball and swam and was partying with people I didn’t know. I do remember the people I met were from San Juan, Puerto Rico . Vance got so drunk by dark he was already passed out in the Hotel room. So I got dressed and took off. I met the same people at the pool. We all decided to go dancing. There was this one young man named Petra I remember him being so handsome at first. It got real late like two in the morning and I asked him to take me back to the Hotel. I had no idea where I was or what kind of person he was. Petra took me up into the hills in the woods and starting raping me and almost killing me. Ever since then I have had nightmares. Nick he had left me for dead.”
“Oh Nick, The nightmares get so bad, but last night they were the worst ever. I was dreaming first of my mom and sister that are dead. I was talking to them. Then it switched to I call him UGLY FACE. Because when he was raping me his handsome face turned real ugly. I am sorry I am putting all of this on you. I am serious though. I want you to go home, I will be all right.”
“No, I am not leaving you by yourself. I have almost lost you; I am not doing it again. It is raining outside. It has gotten cold.”
“Nick you need to go home and at least change clothes and eat and rest, and then come back. I know how you do not like the cold. I do remember that. So go get rest and stay warm. I will be here for a while.”
“You remember that? Wow I am amazed. OK you do need rest and they will probably be starting your CHEMO. Oh yes I have your clothes here in the closet and your car outside in the parking lot. I have put your keys with your purse in this drawer. As soon as you get out we will look for a place for you to live. “
And so he left, and Debi felt such a dread with him leaving but she knew he had to go.
Debi was in the hospital for a couple of weeks; Nick had been coming regularly, sitting with her. But she was so concerned about him. He was getting sick himself. Debi wanted him to go home and take some medicine and rest. She made him promise to go home and rest and not to come back until he was well.
A week went by and Debi hadn’t heard from Nick. He had brought her laptop to her. She decided to log onto Facebook. It was not like him not to call her or come see her. Debi looked on Facebook for a message.
“Debi, I am real sick. Not able to call you. Please forgive me. I will explain as soon as I can. I love you, Nick.”
Again she got real scared. Debi knew something bad was going to happen.
The next day Debi had just got back from CHEMO and was so sick to her stomach. She was dozing in between throwing up when she had a visitor. Debi felt a presence in her room so she looked up. There stood a woman in the doorway of the room and she looked familiar.
“Are you Debi?” the woman asked. She was so pretty in the Doris Day sort of way. Her hair was kind of short with blond streaks through it. Debi knew she had seen her somewhere but she couldn’t quite place her.
“Yes I am, may I help you?” Debi was so sick, it was hard being cordial but she was trying.
“I am Nick’s wife.”
Debi was so stunned. She never imagined his wife would show up.
“I know you are sick, and I am sorry for you, and I know what you are to Nick but he is my husband not yours. If you need money I have a little to give you if you would just go away and never talk or see Nick ever again.” She had such a stern and anxious look on her face.
“Debi, please just go away. He needs us and we need him. Here is a check for $10,000.00 please I beg of you take it and leave.” The lady flew out of the room so fast, Debi wondered if she was real or not, until she saw the check lying on the table.
Debi knew she had to leave. She could not do this to his family. Her heart was breaking but she knew she had to leave.
As Debi was pulling the IV’s out of her arm and in between her tears she started packing her bag, when the nurse came in.
“Where are you going? You need to get back in bed.”
“I am leaving.” Debi was shaking and crying at the same time. She knew this was the right thing and she had to do it fast.
The nurse watched her and saw how serious Debi was and ran out of the room. Debi saw the check on the table and tore it up, threw it away. She couldn’t take the check. She would rather be homeless.
As Debi was walking down the hallway, the doctor with the nurse came up to her and said.
“Where are you going? You need to get back to bed. You need CHEMO, or you will die.”
“I will go to my doctor back home. They know all about me. I had CHEMO before. I have to leave thanks for all you have done.”
Debi kept walking and crying. She knew she had to hurry. Nick could show up any time. When she got to the parking lot Debi realized she had no idea where she was parked. She walked around for a while, and then she remembered she could click the alarm button and the alarm would sound. That’s what she did, and finally found the car. Debi was so weak she just fell in the car and drove away. She was so scared Nick was going to show up before she got out of the parking lot and she realized if she saw Nick she would not be able to leave.
In a couple of hours Debi was in Ranlo at dad’s house. She barely entered the front door and almost past out.
Her dad saw her and ran to her. “Debi, what in the world has happened?”
“Dad the leukemia is back. I have to have CHEMO. But I need a place to stay.”
“Tom has been calling looking for you we have been so worried. Where have you been?”
“I have been in the hospital I collapsed and in a coma. I have been having CHEMO. But I just wanted to get back home so I could go to the hospital here. Is that all right?”
“Of course, Debi, We need to get you checked in. Let me take you.”
“Thank you dad, I am so weak. I am scared, so scared.” Debi started crying she could not quit.
Her Dad picked her up and put Debi in the car and sped to the emergency room. He ran in and got her a wheelchair. A nurse came out to him and together they took her into the hospital as she was passing out.
Debi woke up in a new hospital, a new bed and a new day. In the chair beside her bed sat Tom.



  1. Deborah Brook-Langford's sequel to her original short story moved from HubPages here to her BlogSpot Blog
    An absolutely fantastic and intriguing story of romance, hurt and family. For those that read the original short story this is a must read and for those that haven't please read both.
    You'll be glad you did.

  2. Deb, as Dr. Lee has stated, this is very intriguing and keeps the Reader interested. It has everything to offer: romance, mystery, joy, sadness, surprise, despair, fear. All emotions come into play. I can't wait to read more.

  3. thank you Lee and Susan,.. more will come... MERRY CHRISTMAS

  4. Really good cant wait for the rest of it. It has me like i wanna know more. Every interesting