Friday, December 16, 2011

Burning Love

As we burn

She had passed out. He had to carry her, she was so light. He put her in the car to take her to the emergency room. Her face was so hot, Debi was burning up. He loved her so much. He had lost her 40 years ago. He was so afraid he would lose her again after finding her again after all these years.
After the staff at the hospital put her in a room he sat beside her and held her hand. Praying she would wake up. He was looking at her face and couldn’t help but start tracing her face with his finger. He wanted to know every part of her.
The doctor chose to come into the room at that time.
“Hello, I am Doctor Anderson, Has she woke up yet?” He went right to Debi’s side and was feeling her head and opening her eyelids.
“No she hasn’t she did tell me before she passed out that she has had Leukemia a couple of years ago.” He was so scared for her. He was so scared for himself. He wanted her so and their dreams together he wanted everything. “Doctor I am so scared. I don’t want to lose her.”
He sat there holding her hand and praying for her as the doctors took blood and hooked her up on an IV. She was so pale and still so beautiful. How he loved this woman.

Dear Lord, please don’t

‘Dear Lord, please don’t take her away from me. I just found her again after losing her 40 years ago.” He was begging again. He didn’t care he would beg all he could.
As he was praying Debi went into cardiac arrest. He was made to move back as the team of nurses and doctors worked on her. He started crying. He hadn’t cried in years, since the first time 40 years ago when he had lost her.
He was remembering a beautiful young woman. He met her in school, in Drama class in fact. He was crazy about her the first time he ever met her. He told her he was going to marry her.
As she was dreaming about her love for him, she was remembering so long ago. It has been 40 years since she saw him when looking for him for years and finding him again and seeing his face that has aged.
When she heard the voices saying she is going into cardiac arrest we are losing her. Debi wondered who they were talking about.
Then she saw her mom and sister Rhoda, they were waving to her. “Mom, Rhoda, where are you? Am I in heaven?” but mom and Rhoda starting walking away.
“Mom, where are you going? I need to see you.”
“Debi you need to go back. You are not ready to come here.” Mom was smiling but she did look concerned. “Go back wake up Debi wake up.”
The doctor was shaking her. “Debi, wake up. You have to wake up.”
She was moaning, and hurting.
“She is waking up I think she is stable for now.” The doctor gave the nurses some instructions and walked over to Nick. “I think she will be all right. We will just wait and see. We are doing more tests but it does look like the leukemia is back. I believe her white blood cells are not where they need to be. After I get results back from the tests and if the while blood cells are way off we will start her on CHEMO, I'm sure she knows all about that. I will see you in the morning. The nurses will keep an eye on her and call me if anything does change. She should rest now. And you need rest. “He patted Nick on the shoulder and walked away. “Nurse make sure her husband gets a bed to sleep on.”
Nick sat down beside the bed and thanked God for bringing Debi back to him.
As Debi slept she was dreaming again. She saw him standing afar off, in that starry night, with Hair so fair blond like diamonds in the whispery evening night. He was looking so grand and summery in his white shorts with tan Legs, and her heart was beating so fast with love so overflowing. The summer night felt so still with the waves sloshing against her ankles. She was loving life when her love came up behind her to kiss her on the neck.
They were so young then, ready to tackle the world ready to be together for always.
She was feeling his lips, for one last passion of his kiss. As her blood was racing, and with the rising of the uncertainty of her love. As he was reaching for this woman in love just one touch is all it takes. As this man breathes near her one more time, as his manhood was so sweet.
Oh what a dream she was having.
Nick was sleeping in the chair beside of her when she woke up. She was confused where she was and who Nick was at first. Then she remembered. She tried to grab for his hand and she couldn’t reach. She tried to talk and although she tried to make a sound her voice was hardly a whisper. But Nick heard her and jumped out of his chair so fast.
“Debi, my love you are awake. I thought I lost you I am here for you.”
“Nick I am so glad you are here. I hurt so badly. I am so sleepy.”
“I know sweetheart get some rest. I am right here. I am not going anywhere.”
“Nick you need to go home and get some rest. For me okay. Come back tomorrow please. But go get some rest.”
“No I cannot leave you. No. “
“I insist. Go get some rest. I will see you tomorrow please. If you go rest than I can rest.”
He finally left and she was right to sleep. She started dreaming again.
Just knowing her need for him and this look is all it took. As his finger traces her outline and he keeps her waiting with his anticipation.
“My love,” I say “It’s been so long since I last saw you. I have cried many a tear. Now you are here so alone.”
Her eyes cry like rain, knowing he is gone forever. His loving words were so kind, now they are so twisted, so cutting and no more.
My heart is gone, but the memories linger… and linger……as she is here wanting and waiting for some sign. For one last passion, one last kiss; one last sign from him. Just one last Dream....
She woke up with a start. Something was wrong. It was daylight. And something bad was wrong.

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  1. This is another tremendous work by author/poet Deborah Brooks-Langford. This a demonstration of her mufti-talented versatility in her ability to write in several venues and genres. Deborah's ability to touch the deep parts of the human experience exhibiting emotion on every level is exquisite. In short, as a writer Deborah is simply a natural. I wait with eager anticipation the book from which this short-story comes.

  2. Its really good short story. I wanna know more from it cant wait for the rest of it

  3. Thank you Ana.. look at part 2..