Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Our flames I know may not be right
With several beats here tonight

Our love is seen to live on we know’
If not from afar to see I say this day

The second time around seems fair enough
Even though I am far away

The woman in me says go and find
The love so loss of long ago’

Sometimes on days of days gone by
Wanting to lie in the palm of your hand

After running into him several times
And examining the snapshots of time

With the artist in me wanting and waiting
With your painting stacked inside my mind

There you were behind the French doors on the right
Standing so long in the night

To keep his toes frost free
He bounced on his feet to his bride to be

Although their room was pink and frilly
With a single nightstand by the fire

Whitewashed walls and the iron bed
Change gave her the facts that she needed to know

Then after mulling it over she thought
The look of you took my breath away

To reach for your face that seems so far away.
He licked his lips in anticipation

As Our breathing seemed so long ago
Tears welled up in her eyes to see his shadow

Brooding over the fact that he must be
As the knowledge of him and flames of fire

As The flames of the two
And as the flames became new

As the flames of the night hold us so tight…




  1. This is a beautiful,delicious poem of love, passion and romance. Debbie continues to amaze readers with her poet's brush and keeps us spell bound awaiting each new stroke of that brush as she paints pictures with words.Good work Debbie, I voted interesting and cool.

  2. Thank you Dr. Lee. for your kind words.. You are so kind.. Have a blessed day.
    Happy New Year

  3. Happy New Year Deb....you have become the Romance Writer of our Decade. Don't forget, your graphics are beautiful, but if ever you want to me to make some, I would love to.

    Full of passion and ...your words take on their own life form.

  4. Lee did the graphic.. sure I will let you know.. right now I am just using pictures my daughter in law Laura took for me... I may send you one soon to fix up for me thanks sweet friend.