Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Her Grandma Nana just died.
She was only nine years old with long blond hair and big blue eyes with eyes that were raining tears.
She lived with her brother and sisters with her mom at their Grandpas and Nana’s house.  
She loved her Nana so much and it hurt her little heart that her Nana was gone. Nana was the only one that protected her from her Uncle John.
The tears wouldn’t quit, she ran and hid. Mom and everyone were crying, but not Uncle John.
She took off down the back stairs of the brick house, down the path and around the brick wall through the farm, to the pond into the woods. Maybe if she ran far enough she wouldn’t cry no more.
Her little heart and mind are telling her two totally different things. She just doesn’t know what to do anymore.
Her Nana is gone and she knows Uncle John will really hurt her now.
She found the tree with a hole in it. She had found it couple of months back. This is where she would hide after Uncle John would hurt her.
She did not care if she lived or died. Death sounded real good right now.  Nana told me something about a GOD, but she didn’t know very much about this GOD. She wondered why this GOD wouldn’t come down and find Uncle John and make him go away.  She wanted her daddy. He was so far away. Her tears were coming fast so fast.
As she settled into the tree trying to hide she heard voices, yelling voices. She could tell they were looking for her.
It was a warm day.  She had no shoes on and a little pair of shorts. The branches were cutting her legs and arms. But she felt no pain. She was just so scared and sad.
Finally the voices got fainter and less and she fell asleep. She must have been asleep for a while when she woke with a start.
A hand was pulling her very roughly out of the tree. He was hurting her, but he didn’t care. When he could he grabbed her by the hair. Still pulling and hurting her she was screaming by then.  It was Uncle John.
“There you are you brat, did you think you could hide from me? “ He dragged her on the ground to a grassy area, pulling at her clothes.  She was crying she did not want this.
“Please leave me alone, please.” She was begging him and crying so hard.
“You cannot get away from me. Your Grandma Nana cannot save you now. And I will kill your mom if you tell her.” He had pushed him down and was attacking her when they heard her mom’s voice.
“Maggie, sweetheart where are you?”
“Mom, Mom here I am Mom.” Uncle John jumped back, and took off running.
Maggie jumped up running towards her mom’s voice.  Crying she ran and cut her legs on some branches she was bleeding pretty badly.  Mom has got to save me she thought to herself. Please God if you hear me let Mom save me.
All of a sudden Mom was there grabbing for her and she jumped in her arms crying. “Look at you. You are bleeding. Where have you been? I have been so worried. “Mom hugged her and kissed her. 
“Mom I have something to tell you. “
“What sweetheart. What is going on?”
Then Maggie remembered what Uncle John said. He would kill her mom if she said anything.
“Maggie what is it? Tell me.”
She looked at her mom with tears in her eyes.  She realized she could not tell her Mom about what her Uncle has been doing to her, and she knew it was going to get worse. She looked up and saw in the distance Uncle John watching her and listening to every word that was being said.
With tears in her eyes she looked at her beautiful mom and said “I want to go see Daddy. Please mom let’s go see daddy.”
“Maggie, you know we cannot go see your dad until the Army gets us a house on the base in Germany. As soon as that happens we will be gone. Is that what you wanted to tell me?”
‘Yes, and Mom I can’t stand it Nana is gone. Did she go to heaven to the God she talked about?”
“Yes dear she did. She went straight to heaven with Jesus. Come on let’s get you home and clean you up. Look at all this blood. My goodness Maggie;”
Mom took her hand and they walked and all the while she knew Uncle John watched every step they made. She was so scared.
She got back to clean up her bloody legs and take a bath.  After which, she put some clean clothes on.
“Now Maggie, we have to get ready to go to the funeral home and pick out a casket for your Grandmother. You have to stay here and watch you bother and sisters, okay?”
“Sure Mom I guess so. How long will you be gone? Why can’t Grandpa do this?”
‘He wants me and your Aunt Lottie with him.”
That night in the dark of the night he came. She knew he would. She was praying and crying. Why can’t somebody help her?
His hands were all over her doing things to her that made her want to die. When was this going to stop?
Finally he had enough and left her, laughing at her as she was crying.
Maybe she would be dead and wake up in Jesus arms and be with her Nana. A girl can sure hope.



  1. Deb I'm crying right now. Thank you my friend for writing this. I grew up abused by my Foster Father and foster brother. Sexual, Verbal, PhysicaL, eMOTIONAL and Mental Abuse, that's what I suffered. The saddest part is that it's a shame-based situation where even the victim is somehow made to feel that they were to blame. No one came to help me either. My Foster Mother turned a blind eye.

    But now, I write from the standpoint of an Abused Survivor, no longer a Victim. Thanks Deb, I know this story will speak to many as it has to me, for those of us who suffered at the hands of Evil.

  2. Very well written my friend. I know it will reach out to the hearts of those who have been abused.

  3. thank you Susan and Gina.. I pray this does help.

  4. A very touching short story about a very delicate but important mental health and spiritual issue. Unfortunately as those of us in the mental health community know, THERE IS NO KNOWN cure for child sexual abuse. Apparently not even God's spirit can change these "monsters of the night" as Levitical and Deuteronomical codes of the Old Testament instructed the TOTAL annihilation of these evil beast. Of course today man thinks he knows better than God so most often we just lock them away at taxpayer expense while knowing nothing can be done. At the very least they should be forced into genetic or neurological experimentation. Cruel? Maybe so but consider the children's lives they have destroyed. Good job Debbie. Just a note, It is never a good idea to post children photos "face on" without blurring the image even if it is of you or a friend or relative. These predators of children feed on this and could actually utilize your photo. It is technically illegal to post images of minors even of yourself in this kind of public forum. Your short story ability is getting better with each one.

  5. So well written Debbie: I almost felt the raw emotions.
    Brilliant work!!!