Thursday, February 9, 2012



She knew there was no more time
Soft Sweet kisses
In the mirrored of pirouette
Arms so strong
Oh how wonderful to be held
And the opening of their eyes
To see
And die a thousand
Of the last of the looks to be
With Each drop of HER
Is given to the memory
To try to put out the
Fires of their shimmering lives;
Received by grace
Of a sweet melody
With the passion of the moment
Was it never meant to be?
The flesh shall be given
And to behold this blessed day
With breathe as sweet as daises
And the touch of their hearts
Where his hand will lead
Her hand will follow
Where all their paths are praise worthy
And the treasures are buried in the precious pearls of
The pleasure most pleasing to her
In his strong face and loving
The sunrise upon their nights
Are missed with her life
Please hold me she begs
From afar
So this love affair is no more
So near
To give their love as in heavens
But to be reborn
Where the sky lowers
To see the secrets revealed.
To be, she says

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What Others Have Said About This Poem:
Drtruthman Level 4 Commenter 2 days ago
A very touching, sensitive and beautiful poem. It touched me and spoke to my spirit. I really liked this poem. I voted UP and all across except funny. Great job.

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks  Author 2 days ago
thanks sholland you are so kind..
wow thanks Rambansal thanks for voting up.
thanks Lesley for voted up.
be blessed
sholland10 profile image
sholland10 Level 6 Commenter 2 days ago
Debbie, this is a beautiful poem of love and longing. Votes and shared!!

rambansal profile image
rambansal Level 4 Commenter 2 days ago
Beautiful words direct from a sensitive mind..voted up, as I appreciated the beauty ..

Movie Master profile image
Movie Master Level 8 Commenter 3 days ago
Very beautiful Debbie.
Voting up, best wishes Lesley

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks  Author 3 days ago
Good nite Mary thank you for visiting and commenting.
mary615 profile image
mary615 Level 7 Commenter 3 days ago
Sweet and beautiful sentiment. I enjoyed your poem. Goodnight

Capedium profile image
Capedium Level 4 Commenter 3 days ago
lol! (lots of smiles).. Interviews, reading, and missing you all too... This was really cool and sweet..
Love doctor. 9SMILES).. Goodnight and sweet dreams....

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks Author 3 days ago
Capedium I have missed you where have you been? so glad to see I am the love doctor? Lol..I think you rock.. debbie
Capedium profile image
Capedium Level 4 Commenter 3 days ago
And I thought I was the a romantic and love poet.. You rock!!!.. I mean you are it.. This is it. Hence forth, you are the "love Doctor"... Hmmmm.. I was just hmm and hmm and hmmm... Lovely and sweet.. Voted up... I hope I find one as hot as this..

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks  Author 3 days ago
Hello Always Exploring.. lol.. that was a long time ago.. not to worry. Just like to write about it. Have a wonderful evening. debbie
always exploring profile image
always exploring Level 8 Commenter 3 days ago
Beautiful..This love affair is no more..Sad..

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks  Author 3 days ago
Thank you Stars your words means so much to me.
Bless you today and always
stars439 profile image
stars439 Level 7 Commenter 3 days ago
Such a vivid expression of love, and passion. Enough to make billionaires jealous. Voted up into Heaven above, and God Bless You Precious Heart.
Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks  Author 3 days ago
Hello thougtforce thank you for commenting.. and voting so glad you like it.
Susan I love writing these I am so glad you enjoyed it my friend.
Susan Joyner-Stumpf 3 days ago
Sweet and sad, Deb, as always, your words play our hearts like a violin. The music bittersweet.
thougtforce profile image
thougtforce Level 7 Commenter 3 days ago
This poem is beautiful and your words describe love as it is, lovely, happy, sincere and also sad! Wonderful! Voted up,

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks  Author 3 days ago
Thank you Joyce.. thanks for viting up

writer20 profile image
writer20 Level 8 Commenter 3 days ago
This is a wonderful poem, loved it. Voted up and beautiful, Joyce

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks  Author 3 days ago
Thank you Johnny

Johnny 3 days ago
What a lovely piece of feeling. Debbie, this is beautiful. Love is an amazing journey.

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks  Author 3 days ago
Good Morning Frank.. so glad to see you and so glad you enjoyed it.. Have a wonderful day my friend
Frank Atanacio profile image
Frank Atanacio Level 7 Commenter 3 days ago
my goodness I actually hung onto every word.. wow
Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks  Author 4 days ago
Thank you sky.. I appreciate that.. so glad you visited.. and prasetio.. so glad you liked it
have a bless day

prasetio30 profile image
prasetio30 Level 8 Commenter 4 days ago
Excellent and beautiful poem. Thank you very much for writing and share with us. Rated up!
Sky9106 profile image
Sky9106 Level 7 Commenter 4 days ago
You are very good yourself ,To keep pouring out love in all it's beauty, and to chose some of the most beautiful music.
So I know that somewhere in you lies something great .

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks  Author 4 days ago
Thank you senoritaa..p glad you enjoyed my hub I would be honored to read your hub...debbie
Senoritaa profile image
Senoritaa Level 5 Commenter 4 days ago
Heart wrenching. Every word seems like meant to be.

The Finance Hub profile image
The Finance Hub Level 4 Commenter 4 days ago
Beautiful poem! A genuine conveyance of love and passion! Hope that you will enjoy my hubs as well!

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks Author 4 days ago
Thank you Gina.. good nite my friend
Gina 4 days ago
This is a really sweet poem and sad to. Good job!
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  1. Simply wonderful poem. Beautifully written. Well done.