Tuesday, February 14, 2012


by Deborah Brooks-Langford

To you my love ON VALENTINES DAY

Her wings were no more
The life was gone of
Her loveliness
The memories of the ash sky
Was her corner of Eden?
But that didn’t say
Very much
On clouds of starry eyes
With a heart filled
With golden vessels
And a universe is woven
With a love divine
The stars of the land
Were gone
But the shadow of her wings
Flew on
She burned with passion
This night
With a tender majesty
In the darkness
The desire of her face
Told millions
She couldn’t help the feelings
Of wanting
But goodbye
You say to me?
No. I say I will not
The goodbyes are too
The wings are still there
And my love still
So divine
So my love, please
I say
Maybe one day
Yours will be mine
Mine will be
The moment of the
Sweet moment
That we had that day
All I can say Happy Valentines
To you my love
This is too all the lovers out there, missing their loves ones. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO YOU ALL:

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What others are saying about this Poem:
Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks Author 78 minutes ago
Thank you Blossom.. happy valentines to you my dear,.

BlossomSB profile image
BlossomSB Level 3 Commenter 84 minutes ago
Hope you had a great St. Valentine's Day, especially after sharing that lovely poem with us all.

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks  Author 6 hours ago
Happy Valentines to you to.. God Bless you

stars439 profile image
stars439 Level 7 Commenter 6 hours ago
Happy Valentines Day Mr.s Brooks. Your Valentine thoughts of love , and romance are beyond words. God Bless You.

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks Author 8 hours ago
Happy valentines day to you lesley..

Movie Master profile image
Movie Master Level 8 Commenter 11 hours ago
So very beautiful Debbie, happy valentine's day!
voting up, best wishes Lesley

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks  Author 15 hours ago
Thank you Dr. Truthman.. Happy valentines day to you to.

Drtruthman profile image
Drtruthman Level 4 Commenter 21 hours ago
Great job Debbie, very beautiful and well done. Extremely sensitive and telling of emotional ups and downs. I enjoyed very much. Happy Valentines Day to you and all out there. I voted UP,awesome, beautiful and interesting.

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks  Author 34 hours ago
Frank thank you for loving it and happy valentine to you
Capedium.. wish you lots of love and sweet music too.have a happy valentine too.

Capedium profile image
Capedium Level 4 Commenter 35 hours ago
Good byes are truly too long... I hate good byes..
Happy Valentine's Deborah Brooks.. Wishing you lots of love and sweet music.. May your heart be filled with countless of joys..

Frank Atanacio profile image
Frank Atanacio Level 7 Commenter 35 hours ago
I can ride this poem to anyone's heart :) Loved it

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks  Author 36 hours ago
Thank you phyllis happy valentines to you

Phyllis Doyle profile image
Phyllis Doyle Level 5 Commenter 36 hours ago
How beautiful, Deborah. Happy Valentine's Day to you.
Voted all the way UP.

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks  Author 38 hours ago
Happy valentines day to you Gypsy.. LOL just a poem.. maybe they will meet again one day.
pickles thank you for visiting and commenting and happy valentines to you to
happy valentines to you my friend..maybe they will meet again one day
eddy.. sweet friend I pray you and your love has a happy Valentines day..

Eiddwen profile image
Eiddwen Level 8 Commenter 40 hours ago
Such a beautiful hub Debbie and as always accompanied by a beautiful song.
This says so much about you my friend and here's to so many more to share on here.
Take care and enjoy your day.

DonnaCosmato profile image
DonnaCosmato Level 7 Commenter 42 hours ago
What a wonderful way to say Valentine's Day! I hope these two are reunited someday in a future poem:) Voted up.

picklesandrufus profile image
picklesandrufus Level 5 Commenter 42 hours ago
Happy Valentines Day Deborah! Really enjoyed the poem. I hope she finds her love!

Gypsy Rose Lee profile image
Gypsy Rose Lee Level 7 Commenter 43 hours ago
Just lovely Debby. I hope you have a very Happy Valentine's Day. Maybe that unknown mysterious suitor will finally appear. I waited for him until I met my husband. lol

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks  Author 2 days ago
Stages of me Have a blessed valentines day.. so glad you liked it
rambansal so glad you enjoyed the poem happy valentines to you and yours.
teaches so glad you enjoyed it and the video.
Have a great weekend and wonderful valentines.

The Stages Of ME profile image
The Stages Of ME Level 3 Commenter 2 days ago
Your heart shows through in this one ~
this touches my heart this Valentines Day more than you will ever know ~
Thank you for sharing
Be blessed and Happy Valentines

rambansal profile image
rambansal Level 4 Commenter 2 days ago
Dreams and memories keep a person alive when hope is vanished. I suggest efforts to the hope alive with a perspective of the future.. any way, nice crafting of words..

teaches12345 profile image
teaches12345 Level 5 Commenter 2 days ago
Beautiful poem and what a lovely song (it brought tears to my eyes). I agree, good-byes are too long, let's just part and say "until we meet again". Great hub!

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks  Author 2 days ago
Happy valentine to you sky...

Sky9106 profile image
Sky9106 Level 8 Commenter 2 days ago
I am grateful that you love to share. What a beautiful flow of lovely words I am pleased that you are not bashful in showing your love , that others may understand that love is also truth.
Like God is love ad those who believes in him shares of that love and spreads that love.
Great work.
Bless Debbie!

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks Author 2 days ago
Happy valentine day to you to...always exploring....debbie

always exploring profile image
always exploring Level 8 Commenter 2 days ago
Full of love and emotion..Love it..Happy Valentine Day Debbie...

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks  Author 2 days ago
Happy valentine to you my friend ruchira...debbie

Ruchira profile image
Ruchira Level 7 Commenter 2 days ago
aww...Debbie. It is a beautiful poem but I guess the desire to have her is causing pain.
Beautifully expressed!
Wishing you a beautiful Valentine, my friend!

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks Author 2 days ago
Thank you alocsin...thanks for voting..debbie

alocsin profile image
alocsin Level 7 Commenter 2 days ago
This is so romantic -- a great gift for a Valentine. Voting this Up and Beautiful.

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks Author 2 d ays ago
Love is in the air for sure. Happy valentines to you.....debbie

homesteadbound profile image
homesteadbound Level 8 Commenter 2 days ago
Love is in the air even when it is not reciprocated! Missing someone you love is very painful.

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