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Nancy Drew is she real?

A Review and Commentary by Deborah Brooks-Langford

Nancy Drew "The Secret Of The Old Clock"

Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew has appeared in a number of series over the years.
The first and longest-running of these is the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series, begun in 1930 and ended in 2003. The first spin-off series, the Nancy Drew Files, was begun in 1986. Since then, Nancy Drew has appeared in a number of other series and books AND EVEN ON SCOOBY DOO.


175 Books

1930 – 2003 there were 175 books wrote with different authors...

The Beginning

It was the beginning

At first, Nancy Drew was on her own solving cases, which she was quite good at. And then...

Then Nancy met the hardy boys. Was it true love?

Nancy meets The Hardys

The first fifty-six titles in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series were published between 1930 and 1979. Beginning in 1959, prior volumes were revised and shortened; entire plots were sometimes changed. As many as five authors are known to have collaborated on some of the volumes: the writer of the original outline, the ghostwriter of the manuscript, the editor, the writer of a new outline for a revised story, and the author of the revised version of the story..

Frank saves Nancy this is when she disappears for 6 months "Arson and Old Lace".

You be the judge

Starting in 1930 – E. Strotemeyer wrote the first three.
From 1937 – 1980 H. S. Adams wrote 41 books which they all were revised in 1959-1975.
H.S. Adams wrote two more with Nancy Axelrad, she goes on to write two more
Nancy Drew met the Hardy Boys in the Super Sleuths from (1981-1984)
They went on to do mysteries together Detective Mystery’s that is between (1984-1985)
And then there was the Super Mystery Series (1988–1998)
But the big question is did they fall in love, and Okay let’s assume they fell in love. Did she fall in love with both of them?
I will let you be the judge.

Frank would have to be crazy to want Nancy Drew... or would he?

What a feeling

Frank is crazy for Nancy...Neither one wants to admit it. But the whole world was routing for them to hook up.

they can’t fight this feeling.. Yeah she had it big time for Frank…

Nancy and Frank sitting in a tree....

Now come on they have to get together all ready..

Hit and Run Holiday

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys had a good time together. Solved a lot of cases and even fell in love. What a great series this was. Books and TV show.
*©Copyright 2012 by Poet Deborah Brooks-Langford
*Pertains to Review and Commentary only and is not intended as infringement on any other Copyrights held by Carolyn Keene, her publishers or the related television series. 

nancy drew books

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FloraBreenRobison profile image
FloraBreenRobison 14 hours ago
I started reading Nancy Drew before I started reading Agatha Christie. I loved the hard covers. I read some of The Nancy Drew Files. No actress ever quite fit how I saw Nancy in my mind when I read the stories. Great article.

Carly Wyatt 13 hours ago
I too grew up reading Nancy Drew books. I would borrow them from the school library and read them in front of the fire in one sitting. I recently purchased a set of Nancy Drew books for my daughter (she can't read yet, but she will one day!) Interesting hub. I didn't realize that Carlolyn Keene was a pen name used by a syndicate of writers...

YogaKat profile image
YogaKat Level 4 Commenter 13 hours ago
I had forgotten Nancy Drew, but I read quite a few Nancy Mysteries in my girlhood. A good read. Fun hub!

Dawn 12 hours ago
I have read over a hundred of the different Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series. I really enjoyed the throughout my childhood. Thanks for telling all about the writers, spin offs and such a clear timeline for it all. Wonderful!

lord de cross profile image
lord de cross Level 8 Commenter 11 hours ago
Nice lay out Debbie. Nancy drew on Scooby doo? Perfect rhyming for such arrangement. Those paper back stories are going into history now. The 80 years timeliner is perfectly explained and you did aN oustanding presentation of this subject and article.
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  1. Excellent review and commentary. Brings back memories. I followed the TV series with my kids growing up. Interesting thoughts and content. I enjoyed it very much. Loved the videos. Great job.
    I voted interesting and cool.

  2. I like reading Nancy Drew books when I was younger, but when it came to TV, I loved watching the Hardy Boys. This was a wonderful review and I love it!

  3. Thank Lee and Michele.. I loved researching this.. Debbie

  4. So great you were able to keep the comments that were already written. I couldn't do that with the photos. So I just saved them as a word document separately. I still don't see what the issue was, but c'est la vie!

  5. Lee Outlaw is my editor and publisher and he is amazing at maintaining and moving hubs ..etc..