Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tears of disappointment

Oh the Tears of Life

Tears threatened to flow.

As she listened to the words her husband Al was saying. "I’m having dinner with a client right after work, so I should be home by 7 p.m. Can I bring the Tylenol home then? Things are just really busy here and I don’t think I can get away before then."
Just a half hour earlier she called Al asking if he could use his lunch hour to pick up a bottle of infant’s Tylenol and bring it home. Their two-month old had received five vaccinations that morning and she arrived home to discover they were completely out of the pain reliever. Not eager to pack four young kids in their minivan a second time that day, she called him in desperation.
Her knight in shining armor hesitantly agreed to come to her rescue. But within 30 minutes, things had changed. He could not—or would not, as she was quick to think—come to her rescue after all.
"I’ll go get it," She snapped, not trying to cover the disappointment in her voice. "I don’t want her to have to wait all day for the medicine. She might get a fever and since we are supposed to be going out of town tomorrow, I don’t want to risk that."
“Oh about that, I don’t think we can.” He said.
“What you are canceling? What? “She slammed the phone down in tears. She told her children it was time to go to the store.
"Why?" the oldest asked.
Frustrated, she answered, "Because Papa can’t go to the store. So we have to."
"I don’t want to go," she replied.
My sentiments exactly, she thought.
While she is normally careful not to speak poorly of their papa, she gave in to her anger, deciding not to guard her tongue. "We have to go. Believe me; Mommy’s not too happy with Papa right now."
Not too happy was an understatement! Inside she was fuming. On a scale of 1 to 10, her upset odometer was nearing 11. She couldn’t believe he wasn’t able to sneak away for forty-five minutes to help her. Forty-five minutes and now he is canceling their trip! To her, it seemed like nothing in the scheme of an eight-to nine-hour workday. Especially since tonight he had a work-related dinner and would be home later than normal, leaving her to handle the evening meal and possibly bedtime on her own. This was happening way too much.
As she helped the girls put on their shoes and buckled them into their car seats, she was determined Al would hear about this when he got home.
But He didn’t come home.
She sat waiting and waiting. Finally the kids were down and the baby did have a fever. She couldn’t get him on his cell phone. So she just waited. Sitting in the living room staring at the door in the dark and she waited.
Finally eleven o’clock came around and he stumbled into the door smelling like liquor. He was drunk, and she was furious.

Tears In Heaven

My tears are in heaven

Oh The Tears of Life
For you this day
They have fallen to earth
For you right now
Are you slipping away?
Her fears were too much for her. They had all these children and so much together but lately he was slipping away.
Her fears were too real by the weekend he was gone.
©Copyright 2012 by POET DEBORAH BROOKS-LANGFORD March 29, 2012
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KatrineDalMonte profile image
KatrineDalMonte Level 5 Commenter 4 hours ago
Relationships go through various changes. Before the children come and after they come...marriage is a unit of 2 people, and they both have to work on it. Sadly, it's not worth if only one is pulling the reins. Nice writing Debbie :-)

tnderhrt23 profile image
tnderhrt23 Level 5 Commenter 4 hours ago
Oh My Gosh, Deborah! I have been here! Gave me a huge flashback with the exception of numbers...I had 3...powerful, poignant tale told here in succinct, fashion! Voted up!

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks Hub Author 4 hours ago
I know so many people have been there. so sad..
thanks for visiting and commenting
have a blessed day

Gypsy Rose Lee profile image
Gypsy Rose Lee Level 7 Commenter 3 hours ago
Voted up! Super and powerful hub and as we read this this scene is being played out over and over again. Hate guys who do things like this and still can say the words I love you.

wonderful1 profile image
wonderful1 Level 4 Commenter 3 hours ago
Like the other two comments: I've been there and done that. In fact, this scenario happened a few days before my ex gave me "the speech" and left for the other woman.
And surprisingly: being a single mother of three can be a challenge financially, but knowing that I am doing things on my own is so empowering. I feel sorry for other strong women who are countless times disappointed in men who can't "man up" and be a father. These life experiences are what make us stronger and wiser while Drama King men are left behind in their pathetic existence.
Thanks for sharing, Deborah-- it is a emotional tale of what happens to so many. Great Hub.

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