Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tomorrow is My Son's birthday

by Deborah Brooks-Langford

Happy Birthday Aaron

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Aaron is an April Fools Child

I want to tell you about my youngest son Aaron. It’s his birthday. I am so proud of him.
Here he is with his beautiful wife Gladys. He is my pride and joy.
They have three children. Franny and Jessica and Sebastian.
To my son it’s all about family that he loves dearly. He is very protective over each one of them.
I can tell you so many sweet or funny stories about him.
There are two stories I want to tell you about Aaron.
I had him on April 1st. I was hoping for a girl, I already had one boy. The doctor knew I wanted a girl. (We didn’t have ultra sound back then, so we didn’t know the sex.) At first the doctor told me Aaron was a boy, and then he said to me “Oh April’s fool you really have a girl). I almost jumped off the table and then the doctor said “Oh Sorry he really is a boy!”
When I held Aaron in my arms it was love at first sight. He was prettier than any little girl and sweeter.
(Now you can’t tell Aaron any of the first stories. LOL)

The Camping trip

The Scary Alligator

And then:
There was the the time we were in Florida camping (he was about eight or nine years old). Aaron and his brother were standing on a cliff over the Bay in or near Tampa Bay and they were fishing and there was an alligator right under his fishing rod. I saw the alligator and screamed and ran and grabbed him and pulled him back to shore. I made him drop his fishing rod and I thought he was going to have a fit. All he wanted was his fishing rod. He wasn’t scared of the alligator at all!!

What I want to say about him the Most.

But what I want to say the most about him is he is the most dependable and awesome son. Even when he was young he has always been dependable. He is so hard working and always there for us if we need him
My Love for Him is so strong and makes me so proud to call him MY Son!

His Favorite group is Red Hot chili Peppers

Aaron and his music

Aaron always loved to listen to the band Red Hot Chili Peppers and of course my son loves the Eagles. (He got that from me.. LOL).

Aaron And Gladys and Franny

Source: personal

My son with his family

That’s Franny their oldest daughter.. She has Spina Bifida. You ask what this is.
A sac like structures on an infant's back at birth. In other words she was born with a hole in her back. The doctors at the children’s hospital in Corpus Christi Texas saved her life. And I am so glad because we would not know what to do without Franny. Franny loves her Daddy. And her Daddy loves her.
It is so much fun to watch Aaron with his children. He adores them

That's Jessica

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That’s Jessica their middle child,

Her baby pictures are Aaron all over again. When she was first born I called her Aaron a couple of times she was identical. She is our doll.

Our Sebastian

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The third child

I think you already met Sebastian his birthday is right before his dad..
I feel like I have the best son and grandchildren and I can't forget his beautiful and wonderful wife and my daughter in law Gladys.
My Heart is so proud and so full of love I am so blessed
I thank GOD every day for them.
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AnnaCia profile image
AnnaCia Level 3 Commenter 5 days ago
Happy Birthday every day to your son. God Bless your family. Thanks for sharing.

Gypsy Rose Lee profile image
Gypsy Rose Lee Level 7 Commenter 5 days ago
Happy Birthday to your son Debby. This is a wonderful hub. You have such lovely grandchildren just as beautiful as their grandma. God bless all your family.

IsadorasThought profile image
IsadorasThought 5 days ago
This is such a beautiful tribute. I am not Aaron and I am moved so much! :) Happy Birthday to him, and to you and your whole family - may peace, joy and true wonder be always with you!

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks Hub Author 4 days ago
I thought tomorrow was the 1st of April.. LOL so funny HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALMOST TO AARON
thank you all for commenting and visiting and Blessing to you all..

lord de cross profile image
lord de cross Level 8 Commenter 4 days ago
Hey! Debbie! said happy Birthday to your son! And he was a miracle, and not an april fool's arrival. I can tell you love that family and your daughter in law. Say hi to Sebastian and Jessica dn Franny. Thanks for sharing!

Gina Joy Bennett profile image
Gina Joy Bennett Level 2 Commenter 4 days ago
Happy almost Birthday to Aaron! This is a great story about all of them :)) I'm so glad to know all of them.

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks Hub Author 4 days ago
and Gina
thank you both for visiting and commenting.
blessing to you

teaches12345 profile image
teaches12345 Level 7 Commenter 4 days ago
Happy birthday to Aaron! He sounds like every mom's desire for a son.

shimmering Dawn profile image
shimmering Dawn Level 5 Commenter 4 days ago
Happy birthday Aaron! Lovely memories you have there proud mama... and proud you should be with a son like that. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed day.

Eiddwen profile image
Eiddwen Level 8 Commenter 4 days ago
Happy birthday to Aaron who also must be very proud of hos wonderful mother. I know that I ma proud to call you my friend.
Thank goodness for the day we met on here.
Take care to you all and have wonderful day.

KatrineDalMonte profile image
KatrineDalMonte Level 5 Commenter 4 days ago
Oh so beautiful Debbie, it's so wonderful to have a great family. It's the gift of our life, to be able to enjoy our children, then grandchildren (not me yet though)...very nice. Best wishes :-)

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks Hub Author 4 days ago
Shimmering Dawn
thank you all for visiting and wishing my son happy birthday
Blessings to you all

carolinemd21 profile image
carolinemd21 Level 6 Commenter 4 days ago
Happy Birthday to your son Debbie!

acaetnna profile image
acaetnna Level 6 Commenter 3 days ago
Wow Happy Birthday to your wonderful son. Children are the ultimate prize in this life I think. Great work here, as always.

writer20 profile image
writer20 Level 8 Commenter 3 days ago
You are such a lucky lady to have a wonderful family.
Happy Birthday to Arron and Sebastain. voted up and awesome, Joyce.

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks Hub Author 2 days ago
thank you all for wishing my son happy birthday.
I am very blessed.
Blessing to you all

Laura WIttreich 10 hours ago
beautiful as always

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