Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Day He Saved Us

Jesus Praying

An Easter Poem

The is my 7th poem of the month of April                                              celebrating National Poetry Month.
Because of your Love
It’s because of your love
You did it for me
Just for me’
Your love
You washed away
My tears
My fears
Oh how precious
Is the blood
How can I ever repay you?
This sinful woman that I am
That you love
No matter what
Because of your love
I can live again
You shed your blood
Just for you and you and me
Love covers all wrongs
This kind of forgiveness
Then one day
They came to kill you
You handed your hands to them
Because you love me
You died that day on that hill
For me
Three days you were alive
For me
And you rose again
For me
Because of your love
Your love is the symbol of eternity
It wipes out all sense of time
Destroying all memory of a beginning
And all fear of an end.
Speaking the truth in love
We grow to become in every
Respect the mature body of him
Who is the Head, that is?
From Him
The whole body joined and held together
By every supporting ligament
Grows and builds
Itself in love
MY Lord~
What can I say?
You are so awesome
So Grand
You are YOU
Love big
Forgive big
Love the other person
Love covers all wrongs
That You say
I am making a love pact
With You
The Great I Am
Our Lord has risen for you and me and everyone. 
He died for all, even this sinful woman.
I thank you Lord.
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Comments from others:

teaches12345 profile image
teaches12345 Level 7 Commenter 6 hours ago
This is just beautiful, Deborah! I am encouraged by your poem and the inspirational message of Easter. It was his love for us that we celebrate this day. I love your reference to making a pact with him -- it is a commitment that will make an eternal difference for good. Voted up.

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks  Author 5 hours ago
thank you teaches.. and Happy Easter to you.

Sparklea profile image
Sparklea Level 4 Commenter 5 hours ago
Deborah you say it so beautiful and so very well. I don't know what I would do without the salvation of Jesus. Blessings to you and congrats on your 7th day. I hope you have a wonderful, blessed Easter.
Blessings, Sparklea :)

lord de cross profile image
lord de cross Level 8 Commenter 5 hours ago
The real meaning of our Lord's calvary has been lost into todays celebration. You have reminding us of his glory and the significance of these holidays... We have commercialized everything even on nthe day that Jesus died for us. Excellent inspiration as usual Debbie. God bless!

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks  Author 5 hours ago
Happy Easter to you both. Blessings

Gina Joy Bennett profile image
Gina Joy Bennett Level 2 Commenter 5 hours ago
Very beautiful the depiction of absolute love the Savior has for us,a sinful wicked people. Thank you Jesus for showing us love so we could in turn give love to others.

Deborah Brooks profile image
Deborah Brooks Hub Author 5 hours ago
Happy Easter Gina..

Cynthia00 profile image
Cynthia00 5 hours ago
Have a great day to you Ms. Deborah Brooks.Thanks for sharing your Poems to us and I hope God will give you more wisdom and Good Health for you to continue writing such inspirational poems.God Speed!

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  1. A wonderful poem and testimony to our Lord for Easter. Beautiful and meaningful. Thanks so much Debbie. We can never come close to describing the love our Lord has for us but you come very close. Happy Easter and God bless. Lee

  2. Happy Easter and God Bless you too Lee.