Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Baby Starr

Look at you sitting there

With your chubby hand

Holding my heart with your laugh

Knowing where I stand

Sweet Baby Starr

I know where you are

Starring at you sleeping

Listening to your baby breath

Waiting for your laugh

Hearing the morning sounds

Under the white mounds

Praying a mother’s prayer

While stroking your golden hair

You are the reason I could fly

My baby

You are the reason I feel so alive

My Baby Starr

Look at you growing up

Asleep upon your bed

Holding your teddy bear

Felling such love and care

With your little arms around my neck

Oh Lord, forgive me I yelled

For some little mistake

That she made

My little Starr

Kissing my little ones tear stained face

Promising to be better

With each daily light

Holding each other tight

Chasing the fireflies

In the hot humid night

So tiny

But oh so bright

She sat on the table

Swinging her little legs

Her body as released as it could be

Her thought at that time

Was telling the jokes to me

The little girl sat by her mom’s side

“Mom, when will I grow up?”

Patience dear, it will be soon enough

Sweet sixteen her first schools dance

Oh where did the years go by?

“Will anyone dance with me?”
She asks me why

“Patience, my dear soon enough!”

They said you were wild

I said you were free

They said you wouldn’t listen

I said you would to me

Young girl grew into womanhood

And marriage she did go

Love came and love went

Finally one true love endured

The beautiful bride looked

Towards her mother

“Can I make a marriage work?”

“Patience, my dear, patience, soon enough”

Mom it’s Valentine’s Day

I want you here with me

I feel like a litle girl

That I want to be

Will I ever be able to see you again?

In the heavenly skies

A cold autumn day, the last leaves

Falling from the trees

Tears falling like rain

“Mom when will I ever see you again?

This is Baby Starr, looking for you”

Soft upon the wind came the reply

“Patience, my Starr, soon enough!”

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