Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Heart Beats Hard As I think Of You

My Heart Beats Hard

It was dark, this night, until you kiss my lips to you
I say yes to my heart as I call out your name
As it beats so hard as my mind tells of us
In one blinding moment, my love, I say yes!

Let it burn while I cry
As my heart beats out your name
can hear myself thinking of yours
Laying in your arms
Feeling you so close
I say yes to you love as I took the fall

You heard me thinking out your name
My heart always knew to say yes!

Watch it pour all over us!

As we don’t underestimate our love;
As it rains our adoration for the other
I heard your name and I cannot settle
I give you my name to say as the dance of the living
I knew I couldn’t stay away!

Never could I stay from you!
It isn’t over; I wish nothing but the best
As this day is the time of our lives…
I will never find someone like your name!

My heart beats hard as my mind thinks of us…
You and me together, nothing oh nothing gets better
Your name burns on my mind; my heart burns your name
You burn on my lips!

As my mind thinks of us;
heart thinking out your name…
As it burns on my lips;
As you make me feel our love
My heart wants to know your mind as it thinks!

There is nothing there my mind wouldn’t do
As I know ours is the highway of our love
We haven’t seen anything yet, to make us feel our desire.
As my heart beats hard as my mind thinks of us!


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