Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Play my heartstrings

Play my heartstrings one more time
I beg from my past.
To have to hold the heartstrings that I so long for to last;
To be so furlong to me I say
My love it can’t be the hold you have on me
To see your face one more time
To know the love of you some day
The kiss of my destiny
Brings me back to the present
With you by my side
Pull the covers closer to me my love
Winter can’t be trusted I know
These days I own the ocean
With you pulling my heartstrings
touch of your sweet being
The kiss to kiss of our minds should have a safe place

To wrap my limbs so close to yours
Brings me back to our hearts;
So please play my heartstrings so that I may
Not have the time left alone.
That I may not finish off too soon.
Whatever we do we will be here waiting for us.
The world is full of stinging faces
Not yet in their mode
But the love is here and now
With the heartstrings is mine
I tried, but the island left us behind
Never really heading skyward
Until your lips came to play
With those of mine this day;
It’s so hard to say good bye
To the heartstrings of the past
But my love waits for me to hold me so fast
So my love of new, play my heartstrings
So I may say to you, the fullness of you come so sweetly
The sweetness of our love
The love of your breath
Reaching me this day;
To play my heartstrings as we come what may.

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