Tuesday, February 19, 2013

She had a heart of Glass

Her heart so pierced
So like glass
To be sure
Of the love that’s lasts
That has pierced her heart
As it bleeds to her side
The heart he broke
This night

Oh her heart that breaks
So long
That it was Devine
And stared into the stars
As a smiling child
Like a moment in time
Her heart broke like a piece of glass
Again and again the same

Time and time again
It lasts
Waking up to broken
With feathery pillows of
With ivory towers
As her heart
Flies home

The white rose
Simply untimely miscue
Dumped its white
In their prime
Pieced her heart
This very day
With spun fancies
In her sleep
Her heart will break
Like the
White rose just as it is

Her Heart will Rain
Red as the red
With silver fields
As she runs
Will build her fire
In some tiny space
Sitting on tattered
She has a heart of glass this day
But lost it somewhere along the way
Meeting the love she thought she had
Losing another that made her glad
So losing the heart made of glass

Walking down the garden path of her heart
She felted so serene this day
She knew
Although her heart broke into
For amid all the great

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